Deadliest Warrior Pathfinder Edition

So who is the deadliest warrior? find out by playing a one on one game using these rules to create the ultimate battle.

This is a beta version of the rules and will change as I get feedback on how well it works. Basic rules are best for estimates of characters used in pathfinder Society play.

0.02 added options for 4th, 9th, 16th level.
0.03 forum votes
0.04 changed starting wealth from NPC chart to PC chart from GM guide
0.05 levels changed to 4 and 11.
0.06 Added HP chart
0.10 arena list, tweaks to levels


BATTLE 3 battles. Best 2 out of three wins the title of Deadliest Warrior. Reset after every battle. (contestants in tiered battles are assumed to be healed by the game masters and given a day to recharge)

STARTING All contests start immediately. There is no prep time before entering the arena. Once in they may use any buffs or attacks they have.

WINNING Whom ever is rendered incapable of continuing combat looses. You can win by killing your opponent, turning them into a tree, blowing them up or encasing them in rock with no way of escape, tossing them off a cliff or otherwise incapacitating or any other way of rendering your opponent incapable of mounting an attack.

ARENA All battles are fought in one of the arenas (list is growing) (Size is still to be determined)

Open Arena: Straight up 120 x60 oval surrounded by water. very simple fight to the death arena. all about speed and range here. Hope you have a mount.

Old forests Bottom: 120×120 terrain full of trees brush and other obstacles. Gloomy but lost of obstacles and other soft cover make it easy to move around and hide at same time.

Old Forest Top: 120×120 ewok like village, bridges, vines 2 levels from platforms to branches. fall is 200 feet…20d6 will probably mean you died… if not little furry gremlins beat you to death no their not ewoks there…um… Kowes yeah thats it… a fall is a loss.

The Under Dark 120×120. This is dark. there are patches of crystals that shed some light but you’ll need to bring your own equipment to handle the light or have dark vision. Lots of cover and various heights of rocks. some climbing but stealth and perception win the day here.

Boarding party: 120×70 (the ship is actually that size) Two sailing ships hull to hull. fire, smoke and lots of sails and ropes to deal with. 3 levels. main deck, lower deck and masts and rigging. just to simplify things. This requires lots of acrobatics, climbing, stealth rich environment.

Grave yard: small amounts of cover from tomb stones a few crypts to get higher and a few trees but this environment favors the necromancer and druid classes not to mention lots of cover for melee classes to close in on those necromancers and druids.

hilly field: 120×120 rolling fields with open area and little line of sight still allows the cavalier to charge home. Everyone else will have to stay on their toes. Some rough patches that can make the horse lame if the rider fails their riding check. Bonus to charge at bottom of hill and penalty to charge if going up hill. litle cover

Street Fight: A 120×120 maze of city streets. Day time with pedestrians that must not be killed in battle none inside houses. all houses 1 story so lots of roofs to climb on to and garden walls to leap. speed and agility and perception will help.

Streets at Night: 120×120 maze of streets at night. No pedestrians. many lights but lots of places to hide from direct view. favors the close in combat classes

The Hierophant. This is a 120×120 “t” shaped Ruined temple. many columns but long avenues for people to charge along. some raised areas but mostly level with obstacles.

The Hexagon: This arena is stone and surrounded by high walls where you are watched by your fans. various raised areas and brush break up the sight lines. giving a little to everyone without favoring anyone. Good luck the crowd is watching

Your warrior

Build using the following rules:

CORE RULES Core Rules, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic.

CLASS Any class from the rule books shown above.

LEVEL 4 or 11. Pick one class and make it the Deadliest Warrior.

RACES Any races listed in the books listed above.

ATTRIBUTES 20 points using normal progression chart

7 –4 (You get back points)
8 –2 (You get back points)
9 –1 (You get back points)
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 10
17 13
18 17

HIT POINTS Use Pathfinder Society Rules for hitpoints

Class hit dice 1st lvl hd hp gain per level*
Not used d20 20 12
Barbarian d12 12 7
Cavalier/Fighter/Gun Slinger/
d10 10 6
d8 8 5
Bard/Rogue/Witch d6 6 4
Sorcerer/Wizard d4 4 3
Not used d3 3 2
  • Add CON bonuses and any other HP bonuses from other sources such as Toughness.

MONEY You have 82,000gp to equip your Warrior

GEAR You can buy all gear, weapons and armor listed in the books. Magic items will not be allowed but you can get master work. Alchemist and others that get magic items as part of the class are still allowed to have them but may not purchase new items.

COMBAT To remove randomness from determining the winner all dice rolls except for d20s use average amounts, Bonuses are added as normal. Tactics and maneuvers will be critical in battle. Use this table to determine Hit points, damage, and any other random number. Since combat has criticals use a d20 for combat.

d2 1
d3 2
d4 3
d6 4
d8 5
d12 6





This is for quick test battles. I am using this to gauge how well it all works.

LEVEL 4. Pick one class and make it the Deadliest Warrior.

MONEY You have 6000gp to equip your Warrior



RACE Any race listed in the Core, Featured or Uncommon chapters of the Advanced Race Guide. You cannot build a race for a battle.

Pathfinder class builds

After reading through the forums at you’ll reach a point when you’ll really want to know what all those builds are that they are talking about. Luckily someone asked just this question and created a thread of all the articles out there on building the best Pathfinder characters. I am reposting the list here so that should the thread disappear we’ll still have the list to reference.

Here is the Original article.

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Pathfinder Chronicler

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3rd Party

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