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Seven laws of the Paladin

One thing that I see over and over with paladins is that they are always as being lawful stupid. I think that is because people think about them the wrong way. They tend to be stupid because they don’t have any particular laws or rules that they follow. Everyone knows that they follow a god […]

Elements of story

The classic story structure which has had a resurgence follows a simple formula. Action. The story should always begin in the middle of the action. Find the point at the beginning when things are changing and start there. Action pulls the reader into the “now” of the story and invests a sense of curisousity about […]

Common Story Structures

There are 5 common story structures used in writing.  The structure is the thing that is most important for the story. When you find yourself not knowing which way to go you can fall back on one of these story structures to help get your story more focused. The easiest way to figure out what […]