The Arena Allowed races

So you want to make a truly unique challenger in the arena. To figure out what you can play lets start with the basics. The basic CR rating for the battles is CR10. a 11th level creature without HD is a CD10 creature (class levels equal CR -1). So any CR10 creature can be used without modification.

You can also use monster templates on lower CR creatures to bring them up to CR10.

Another option is to use a creature with HD then add class levels to bring them to CR10.

Finally if you feel really adventurous you can use a combination of HD creature, template and class levels to get to CR10.

Below is a list of creatures and attribute bonuses they get for level advancement to CR10.



Pathfinder RAI: Can Alchemist take item craft feats

An alchemist CAN take item creation feats, in any event. When an item calls for a spell prerequisite, the alchemist simply substitutes his extract of the same name. This does mean that, other than potions, there’s a lot of specific items an alchemist won’t qualify for, so it might be a good idea to max out your Spellcraft skill for all the requirements you’ll be missing… at#4

Pathfinder RAI: Fly-by attack

Flyby Attack

This creature can make an move before and after it takes a standard action while flying.

PrerequisiteFly speed.

Benefit: When flying, the creature can take a move action and another standard action at any point during the move. The creature cannot take a second move action during a round when it makes a flyby attack.

Normal: Without this feat, the creature takes a standard action either before or after its move.

The Arena

Brackets and matches

This shows the match-ups. No byes are being used since every bracket is filled.



Across the planes and myriad world the obelisks rose. 60 feet of smoky glass topped with a living gold herald, indestructible and shining brightly a beacon for all to see. The Heralds announce the competition.  A call for the greatest warriors to fight in a game of the gods. To prove themselves true champions ready to take on anything and anyone. The winner to be given mythic power. The time of the competition draws near and the heralds are opening portals to The Arena. The challenge begins.

The play by post topic is here

The God Boi , a chaotic trickster god of games and fate has setup this challenge. His Clerics prize puzzles and surprises and love twists of fate. The heralds of the games have the shapes of many kinds of humanoids. This god is a new one and his influence has not spread much. There is said to be clerics, oracles and even a druid of this god but their powers don’t work the way you would expect. None of the characters can be a follower of him since until this day he has been only a rumor and the few clerics unwilling to take on followers.



Every challenger enters the arena through their gateway into a branch. Each pair of branches converge on a battlefield. Each pair of battlefields has a branch that converge onto another battlefield continuing until the final two challengers fight for the ultimate prize.

The battlefields will vary in nature from simple open spaces to more complex multi leveled areas. To enter the tunnels to the next tier of battlefields a barrier must be removed.

Since everyone is traveling in they will have a little time to prep but will have to deal with dwindling resources as they go from battle to battle.

Every battlefield challenges a different aspect. From speed to perception to dealing with secondary win conditions (get the key to escape the battlefield, thereby winning by escaping)

The entire competition takes place over a few hours

WINNING Whom ever is rendered incapable of continuing combat looses. You can win by killing your opponent, turning them into a tree, blowing them up or encasing them in rock with no way of escape, tossing them off a cliff or otherwise incapacitating or any other way of rendering your opponent incapable of mounting an attack. A competitor can also throw in the towel at any point if they don’t want to continue battle. If for any reason a competitor leaves the match then it is counted as throwing in the towel.

MATCHES As long as two opponents spend even one round in the ring before someone surrenders it counts as a match. If an opponent never shows then the match is counted as a Bye, meaning they are passed on to the next round and count the match as an automatic win.

THE PRIZE The final Victor will be graced by the gods of the game and made Mythic (A chance to play with Mythic rules)

ENVIRONMENTS The environments will change. Expect anything from 60 feet to more in anything from ruins to jungles to sand. and may include weather or situations already in progress when you arrive. Again make sure all skills are filled in. the environment can be as much as a threat as your opponent and can be used by a crafty opponent in some cases. The god of the game is a trickster and anything is possible. The god of the game is also impatient wants to see battle. if you take to long the Heralds may enter the game to push things along. You don’t want to fight a herald…


Build using the following rules:

CORE RULES Core Rules, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Equipment, Advanced Race Guide (only Core, Featured and Uncommon races.)

CHARACTERS: This is about making the best character you can. So you can make a 11th level character using any mix of classes as long as it totals 11 levels.

RACES Only Core, Featured and Uncommon races from ARG

ATTRIBUTES 25 points using normal progression chart

7 –4 (You get back points)
8 –2 (You get back points)
9 –1 (You get back points)
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 10
17 13
18 17

HIT POINTS Use Pathfinder Society Rules for hitpoints (If your class isn’t listed just find your hit dice)

For reference d20 20 12
Barbarian/Dragon disciple/Stalwart defender d12 12 7
Cavalier/Fighter/Gun Slinger/
Paladin/Samurai/Arcane archer/
Duelist/Eldritch knight/Battle herald/
Holy vindicator/Master chymist/
Rage prophet/
d10 10 6
Pathfinder chronicler/Shadowdancer/
Master spy/Nature warden
d8 8 5
Arcane Trickster/Loremaster/Mystic theurg
d6 6 4
 For reference d4 4 3
For reference d3 3 2
  • Add CON bonuses and any other HP bonuses from other sources such as Toughness.

** 1st level hit points are only for first level of the first class. You dont get them at first level of every class you multiclass in.

SKILLS Make sure all are filled out

TRAITS You can choose any of the Alternate Racial Traits, Everyone has 2 Traits.

FAVORED CLASS You can choose any appropriate options from the books listed.


FEATS: All are allowed from the books posted except those banned.

BANNED FEATS: Leadership.


ALCHEMISTS An alchemist CAN take item creation feats, in any event. When an item calls for a spell prerequisite, the alchemist simply substitutes his extract of the same name. This does mean that, other than potions, there’s a lot of specific items an alchemist won’t qualify for, so it might be a good idea to max out your Spellcraft skill for all the requirements you’ll be missing…

MONEY You have 82,000gp to equip your challenger

GEAR You can buy all gear and magic items listed in the books. No intelligent items.

As for guns and ultimate equipment. You can pick anything in any of the listed books except smart items and Golems.

FAMILIAR/COMPANION GEAR If you are equipping your imp, Pseudo dragon, hamster familiar please make sure they can actually carry the load.

ARMOR Only full armor. Piecemeal armor optional rule is not used.

MUNDANE GEAR Stock up on everything you need. Anything not listed on your sheet is assumed not to be there. so if you want ropes or flint and steel or any of dozen of other things don’t leave them off.

WONDS, SCROLLS, RODS, POTIONS Purchase spell levels and caster levels as instructed in the book. If you can afford it you can buy it.

CRAFTING ITEMS It counts as the item’s Cost, not the Price. The base DC to create a magic item is 5 + the caster level for the item. For every spell requirement (or any other requirement for that matter) that you don’t meet during item creation, you simply add +5 to the crafting DC. When using the skill needed to build these items you can “take 10” if your skill +10 passes DC needed to craft the item you can craft the item and use it in the competition.

SPELLS You are allowed to pick any spell allowed to you by your class and level. Save or die, save or loose type spells are all allowed

HERO POINTS All challengers enter The Arena with 3 Hero points.

AGE the challenger must be Adult aged. You cannot advance your age beyond Adulthood.



TURNS Every player will take their actions by turn. Initiative will be rolled once either player tries to interact with the other. Until then order does not matter, long as both had a turn.

The GM will post a turn update post in PbP play showing spells/potions in effect if any and how long they will last.

Players may act publicly or send PMs of their action (but must post in main thread that they took an private action.)

DESCRIPTIONS Any descriptions or information posted could be very important. Although you may not be able to look at a wall and instantly know its DC if elephants are unable to smash through it then you have a clue how strong they are.

The Herald will pass on win conditions for each of the maps.

Always check anything you want to be sure of which leads to the following,

SKILL USE If you don’t use them then you wont receive the information. If you don’t use read magic or knowledge to study something then you are going on a guess. Unless you act to learn something there won’t be rolls to notice it. It is presumed that you are focused on surviving the challenge and not on what the terrain is actually made of.

TERRAIN The fortress is made of what looks like marble walls and granite floors. Inlayed lattice covers floors and walls.


Charge vs readied action The ready is just before the attack on the charge, or on the square entered. The point is the character can move away. The charging character has charged in a straight line and therefore cannot follow or attack. RAW.



Control Water If water created rises above  3 feet and has space to flow. it begins to flow equal to swift water using the rules for Flowing Water and has a chance of dragging anything in it along. The DC to swim against the current is equal to spell DC that created it. If the water is flowing down hill or stairs it’s speed increases 30 feet for every 30 feet traveled from the source, add +5 to DC and use rules for swept away.

At 30 ft A ROUND anything floating in them moves downstream at a speed of 30 feet per round. If a character is in moving water, move her downstream the indicated distance at the end of her turn. A character trying to maintain her position can spend some or all of her turn swimming upstream.

SWEPT AWAY: At 60+ ft A ROUND characters swept away must make a DC +5  Swim checks every round to avoid going under. If a character gets a check result of 5 or more over the minimum necessary, she arrests her motion by catching a rock, tree limb, or bottom snag—she is no longer being carried along by the flow of the water. Escaping the rapids by reaching the bank requires three DC +5 Swim checks in a row. Characters arrested by a rock, limb, or snag can’t escape under their own power unless they strike out into the water and attempt to swim their way clear.

Going under/Drowning

Any character can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to twice her Constitution score. If a character takes a standard or full-round action, the remaining duration that the character can hold her breath is reduced by 1 round. After this period of time, the character must make a DC 10 Constitution check every round in order to continue holding her breath. Each round, the DC increases by 1.

When the character finally fails her Constitution check, she begins to drown. In the first round, she falls unconscious (0 hp). In the following round, she drops to –1 hit points and is dying. In the third round, she drowns.

Unconscious characters must begin making Constitution checks immediately upon being submerged (or upon becoming unconscious if the character was conscious when submerged). Once she fails one of these checks, she immediately drops to –1 (or loses 1 additional hit point, if her total is below –1). On the following round, she drowns.

It is possible to drown in substances other than water, such as sand, quicksand, fine dust, and silos full of grain.

ELEMENTAL EFFECTS WITH WATER The elemental effects on water are ignored. This means electrical spells will not hit everyone in the water. Nor will ice spells freeze water. Spells have their stated effects and do not effect the environment unless explicitly stated in the spell itself.